Monday, April 13, 2015

Canvas, Alcohol, and Permanent Markers Tutorial

Today, we are blogging about something that has been brewing in my mind for a while. We finally got around to trying it yesterday. The ink resist coasters and the alcohol/permanent marker t-shirts are all over Pinterest and the Web. I decided we would try permanent markers and alcohol to a canvas. We chose a 11 in. x 17 in. canvas.

Our supplies:
11 in. x 17 in canvas.( I think you could use any size. We decided to go big and bold. lol) I think ones made for watercolors may work better. Again, this is an after thought, I have brewing.

Rubbing alcohol

eye droppers or other fun items to try.( We used a spray bottle full of it, sponge paint brushes, regular paint brushes, a tooth brush and a syringe. We love for the imagination to be our guide in matters like this)

                                                      We have gathered the supplies.

                                            Here's how we did made our project:

    Alyssa made a test spot. After all this has been stewing in my mind for a while. We were unsure if                                                     the idea would even work.


                                                                    And It Did!


Oooops! Some forgot to put alcohol in the              spray bottle! 

                                                        Both Kids are Doing Very Well!

The kids filled up all the spaces nicely. We found you might want to have a well ventilated area to work in. We also stopped a time or two to let the canvas dry a bit.

             The kids being budding artist, decided their painting needed some splatter pain.

                                       Colby takes a far away approach when he does it.

                                        Sometimes you get a little messy!

                            Now it is time to display how it turned out!

                               Now they have hung them on the wall. Wow! I think they did a great job!


                                                    I love how Alyssa's shows her personality!

                                                      Colby's show his personality, too!

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