Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Homeschool Volunteering

My daughter is a giving person. I have heard people say that I am. I just do unto others as I would have them do unto me. I (and the Mister) have always made a point of explaining what we are doing, be it donating clothes to a local thrift store or shoveling the neighbors walks. Well you get the point.

A neighbor of ours, was having mechanical troubles with his vehicle. We would give him rides to where he needed to be or wanted to go until my husband had it fixed for him. One of the places was a free store where he volunteered at. A free store basically self explaining: everything is free. The person who organized it doesn't care if your homeless or have a million dollar home. (She's an awesome lady by the way). Alyssa asked if we could volunteer here.  I had also read an article about the place. I thought this would be a good fit.

We come in on Tuesday. It's a really busy place, and a lot goes on. Mini Me's baby is the kids room(she is sort of responsible for it, at least in here mind) but we have helped clean and organize closets, matched shoes, pulled hangers, etc. Last week, we came in a second day. The store was closed and we switched everything to fall/winter. To help prepare for that Mini Me and I (along with some other amazing people, who in fact, probably did more than the two of us), washed, and mended about 10 totes,crates and lawn size trash bags full of clothes. We also made a huge pot of vegetable soup, knowing there would be extra to feed the homeless on Saturday, which she does. When we went home we were so tired but filled with just joy.

This Tuesday, both of us were not feeling well and thought we should stay home. Hopefully, we will feel better to go on Thursday or Saturday. I would highly recommend this to any family, homeschooling or not.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure it is safe. I know that kind of sounds like a no kidding. Here's example: If you volunteer at an animal rescue, some of the animals could be violent because of what they come from or are hurt. Make sure the staff tells you safety concerns.

2. Pick something to go with your child's age and maturity.

3. Make sure it is something they will want to continue to do.

4. Make sure it is something you want to do. This is the one I had trouble with. Even though I know animal shelter's need help, I grew up on a farm and we did raise dogs, too. I have dealt with a lot of poop and wasn't looking forward to dealing with anymore.

5. The last one: Unless you have older kids, volunteer with them.

If hand's on volunteer doesn't sound like something you want to do. Here is some ideas to do with your child:

1. Donate items with your children. Animal shelter's need blankets, towels, toys, food etc. Homeless shelter's, soup kitchen's, domestic abuse shelter's, etc. will need thing.  You could offer to wash things for them. You would have no idea how happy they would be.

2. For birthday parties, ask people to bring cleaning supplies, canned goods etc. How many toys do kids get and never play with?

Okay, I didn't have many other idea of other's but I gave you some ideas to think about. I have to say this is one of the best things to do. It has also brought my daughter and myself a little closer. It might be that we get to work with clothes that makes it so enjoyable for each of us, lol, but we always come home with what my Mister has termed "volunteering high."

I hope you all are having a wonderful month. I just love fall.
(grammar check was provided by Mini Me)

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