Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Our Decision to Delay Our Son

We have made some really big decisions regarding our Mini Him come up lately. One was concerning an agency that would help provide services if we needed them to. The second was holding him back one year, maybe two in grade levels. The last was when we decided that he wouldn't be driving when he turned 16.

Leaving the agency was no big deal. Since we left school we hadn't used them in three years. We barely used them in the years before.

Mini Him has a genius IQ. He also has learning disorders and varies things that has made him lag behind in some studies. Now that we homeschool, he has the time to work through any area he used to have problems with. He always works hard and rarely complains. I'm not saying we don't have bad days, we are not perfect people. As a mother watching the change and growth, well, it tears me up.

The decision my Mister and I made to delay his driving was super hard. Our son gets lost in his mind. I say that with great respect. He is constantly figuring something out or creating something. It is amazing. It doesn't make it safe though.

When he is paying attention, he doesn't necessary proceed at a safe speed. He sometimes fails to see where he is. We think because of his developmental disorders and delays, he just needs a little time. We are not consulting a "professional". As his parents, we feel we know him best.

So now, he is at the same learning level and age level as his younger sister. Well, in our mind. My Mini Me and Mini Him now can say they are actually twins, and not just pretend they are. lol.

As parents we sometimes have to make hard decisions. Well it be the right decision? Unfortunately, we have to experience life and let it happen. We don't have the golden ball of parenthood. We are pretty confident though in these three things we are at least going done the right path.

Here's the crew: Mini Him(the Storm Trooper), Mini Her (Ninja), Porky(The Boston Gentlemen) and Jinxee(The Lady Beagle).

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