Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Book Review of A Quest of Hero's

We got our first Kindle Fire the other day. I saw this book and it got me from the front.. I decided to download it. It was AMAZING! It is a Teen book and is set in the Fantasy part of genre's. It does touch a little on a homosexual character. What we and allow and you allow may be different in your family.

Here come's the review:
by Momma Bird
Title: A Quest of Hero's
Author: Morgan Rice
Other: Book #1 in a series called "The Sorcerer's Ring."
It is a Fiction book
I would say over all, I totally loved it.
The Character's were well thought out.(I have found that lacking in some of the books I have read lately.)
I got into the book right away.(There was times, I'm sure frustrated my
The story starts in a small village. Right away you are grabbed in the story and you want to keep going. Thor is the youngest of four boys. His brother's and his father want nothing to do with him. His mother died at his birth. His deepest wish is to join one of the elite guards of the world in what he lives in. He eventually makes it and the story goes into after that happened. This book is very consuming and by the end you are ready to pick up the next book. He endures one thing after the another. And in the end.......well, you need to read the book and find out.
I give this book a full 5 out of 5 feathers. It was super.  Here is Mini Him doing a little reading.

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