Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Great Turtle Save

The other day, as the kids and I were doing an experiment involving seeds, sunlight, water availability, and container type, Mini Him comments that he sees a turtle. We were a little bit from where he said it was, but even with my eyes I could see anything. I thought it was probably a snapping turtle, and alerted the Mister, we may be doing a turtle save. The kids and I noticed it was super dried out. The first thing we did, was pour some water from my watering can on top of it. We saw immediate results. I then had the kids call the Mister over. He agreed that we needed to do a rescue. The neighbors were curious and we went over and showed them.

By the Way, Did you know, you are not supposed to hold them by the tail. Luckily the Mister had read an article the other day about it and the proper way to do it.

Mister knew of a place that had just the right environment our little friend needed to thrive and grow.

Our Ace photographer and videographer, Mini Him, took all the pictures and caught some of the action too.(It maybe helpful, if I remember to put the memory card back in the camera. oops.)
Our brave, instruments of mercy, battled the woods on the way back.

It is a good feeling to know that we are being caretaker of all things in our world.

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