Sunday, May 3, 2015

Learning Foraging skills

It's finally spring in Missouri. A couple of weeks ago, my husband took advantage of that to take the kids out to learn some foraging skills and hunt for Morel Mushrooms. Our season last from about Mid-April to Mid-May. Everyone has their little spots for finding them and few are willing to tell you where they are. So my husband loaded the kids up in our family fishing boat and headed out on the Missouri River.

                                                              They had a little bit of a walk.....

                                       Now the real hunting begins. You are in the woods and have to look....

              And sometimes you have to bring in the stick method(aka moving leaves around with stick.)

                                             You have to look in all kinds of places......

                                                     And finally, you have some success.

                                         The photographer sometimes gets bored between finds....
                               It was a pretty good find for taking newbies and not going on a good mushroom                                           day. (After a raining day, when it is slightly warm is the best.)
                                        They were so good, there wasn't any left, to show cooked.

We are always so happy to share skills with our kids. What we think is even better, is spending time with them and being immersed in each other's life. That is the best result from this hunting trip.

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