Saturday, July 11, 2015

Concrete Stepping Stones.

We have started our new school year at the Bird's Nest. We go all year round and after a few weeks off, we were ready to go.  Our family is pretty hand's on when it comes to anything. Mister, aka my husband, has started to teach the Mini's how to do some life skills that I have only had an observer roll.

The first step was gathering all the needed materials. My husband gathered disposable shapers. (The thing he bought was actually the lids to cover food for summer picnics. He then taped the holes. He also used my rolling, potted plant holder.) I've seen lots of tutorials, DIY's, etc. on Pinterest. I will post a link to my board on there.

He also gathers protective guards like gloves, eye shields, etc. These are very important. I would also suggest older clothes that have seen better days.

He bought ready mix concrete. How great is that stuff? Yes, it takes away some of the chemistry fun, but is breaks it down really simple for people who have never done it. You will also need a container to mix the concrete that you may never be able to use again.

He also borrowed some things from my gardening bench. These were helpful in stirring and spreading  the concrete. The bag(at least the one he bought gave helpful tips on what to use.) My husband also had some things he used when putting in a tile floor for his brother.
As you can see, he borrowed one of my garden shovel. My husband is pretty finky about things, so it can back even a little cleaner than when he borrowed it.
At this point, he had me gather the kids together. Our job was to find things they would put in the stone. We used some sea animals toys from the Dollar tree, buttons, beads, marbles,etc, It was basically, any small thing we found that wouldn't be destroyed because of the elements.

He then put the concrete mixture in our forms while the kids watched. At this time, they were a little more hands on and sometimes just observers.  I was just told this point of the process, but still get to watch.
He smooth the concrete flat and then they waited a few hours for the mixture to get a little more set. At this time, the kids then were able to put their goodies in the concrete. My husband let them do whatever they wanted. As we found out with Mini Him's creation, push it in far enough but at the same time not to far. For those instance it didn't get to the right depth-E6000, the wonder glue fixed it. You can find it in the craft isle but my husband uses it for more than that. I may too, but I will not admit it or deny it.
You can see here how my husband flattened the surface and cleaned around the edges. You can also see one of the tools her used.

Now to let it set, the length of time recommended on the bag. When ready pop it out, but let it set for just a little more.

And you have the finished project. If you had decided not to put in "jewels", you can now paint that.

Do you wonder what my husband used his concrete for? He made holders for some of his fishing poles and he also made a holder for our big sun umbrella.

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